We believe that travellers and the travel industry have a responsibility to conserve the areas and cultures visited. This website aims to provide a better understanding about what you should be looking for in an organisation and what you, yourself, can do to help the future of tourism. By researching everything on this site, and others, you should also be better able to judge how well the organization and trip lived up to these standards.

Do you care about responsible travel or ethical volunteering? Does it bother you if organisations care more about taking your money for themselves than giving it to the people and places you are about to visit?

- Not yet? Well, we really hope that by the time you have finished glancing over this website you'll have changed your mind.

- Yes? Congratulations! You are already part of the 'responsible travel revolution'; making tourism sustainable just by caring. Now we want you to make a stand and take action; to help us encourage others to care as much as you do.


We are 100% unique in combining an educational website about responsible travel with independent reviews. Unlike other websites we are not in the business to act as a 'middleman' or an 'agent' for organisations; we do not believe that you can be 100% independent if you are recommending trips & making commission from them. Nor are we only interested in how enjoyable a trip was. We want the world to know how responsible YOU think the organisation was.

As yet, there isn't an 'industry standard' for 'responsible travel', but organisations are quickly realising that this is becoming an important criteria for consumers. We believe that the only people able to fully understand and promote organisations on their 'responsible travel' policies are those who travel with them. Anything can be written on a webpage, or in a brochure... how much is reflected in the reality of a trip?


We want to know which organisations are truly promoting 'responsible travel'. It is up to you to reward, or shame, organisations you have travelled with. We hope that a combination of your reviews and a general awakening to the responsible travel culture has a twofold result:
- to encourage organisations to achieve and maintain a high level of ethical & responsible travel
- to inspire others to make a more informed decision and to consider the implications of choosing the right, or wrong, project/organisation.

Enjoy your travels!