For us it is when both you and your host communities benefit from your travels. We focus on organised travel, but responsible tourism isn't confined to organisations - there is plenty individual travellers can do to ensure tourism is sustainable.

We use the term 'gap year' as a generic name to encompass all adventure travel, including tours, expeditions and volunteering - for any length of time, and at any age. We believe there is an adventurous 18 year old ready for their gap year in everyone.

At ResponsibleGapYear.com 'responsible travel' doesn't just refer to the level of responsible tourism organisations offer the environment and local communities, but also how responsible they are for you, their client.
Are you ready to be part of the responsible travel revolution?

        Travel Reviews
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Review Kiwi Experience: Sheepdog Pass
Kiwi Experience:
Sheepdog Pass
Review G Adventures: Great South American Journey
G Adventures:
Great South American Journey
Review Maternity Worldwide: Medical Elective
Maternity Worldwide:
Medical Elective
Review G Adventures: Roam India
G Adventures:
Roam India
Review Khaya Volunteer: Walmer Township
Khaya Volunteer:
Walmer Township
Review GVI: Guatemala community programme
Guatemala community programme
Review Zara Tours: Kilimajaro Rongai Route
Zara Tours:
Kilimajaro Rongai Route
Review Azafady: Pioneer Programme
Pioneer Programme
Review Ecoteer: Rainforest Awakening
Rainforest Awakening
Review Reykjavik Excursions: Northern Lights
Reykjavik Excursions:
Northern Lights
Review Bridge the Gap Villages: Eco Tourism Fiji
Bridge the Gap Villages:
Eco Tourism Fiji
Review Bridge the Gap Villages: Community Tourism Fiji
Bridge the Gap Villages:
Community Tourism Fiji
Review Chandra Niwas Travels: Cultural Exchange Programme
Chandra Niwas Travels:
Cultural Exchange Programme
Review Quest Overseas: Kenya WaterRelief Project
Quest Overseas:
Kenya WaterRelief Project
Review Azafady: Pioneer Programme
Pioneer Programme
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At ResponsibleGapYear.com, we don't just care about how good an organisation is, but also how seriously they take the concept of responsible travel. Our travel reviews aim to encourage all gap year travel organisations to maintain high standards.

It is therefore very important to us to maintain our integrity and remain 100% independent. This means, we will not be trying to sell you a trip, but instead help you come to a decision based on feedback from others.


Responsible travel is the future. It just takes each person to care about, and take responsibility for their impact on the local environment and culture.

Community Placements

Whether 2 weeks or 2 years, volunteering in local communities should be a great way to get to know a culture... and to give something back.


Environmental Placements

The environment is a dynamic lifesystem and it's important to maintain it and minimise those carbon footprints.


Animal Placements

From wild animals abused in homes circuses, to Orang-Utans whose homes are being destroyed, these animals need your help.


Overland Tours - camping

1 week or 6 months, overland camping trips are for the adventurous amongst us. Where do you want to go?


Overland Tours - hotels

These are perfect if you are looking for lots of travel and adventure, but want to know you've got a good night's sleep at the end of the day.


Teaching Placements

Teaching is a tough, yet highly rewarding job. With the children depending on you, these trips are usually longer and should be at least 1 school year.


Coach Tours

If you are looking for something a little more sedate, yet wish to fit a lot of travel into your holiday then a coach tour might be for you.



Hiking in the Andes or rafting down the Zambezi, expeditions are action packed & adrenaline fuelled. What is your choice of adventure?


Local Tours

Local tours are usually day trips that allow you to gain more insight into the culture. A great way to explore further without compromising your independence.


Vocational Placements

If you have a specialist skill, there is a high chance you will find a project out there to suit it. Medical, logistics & engineering are just some of the opportunities open to you.


Sports Placements

If you are sporty and looking to improve your skills while being paid to work, these placements are for you. From ski seasons to sailing, the choices are out there.


Working Holidays

Though mainly found in western countries like USA, Australia & New Zealand, these are a great way to do something different such as ranching in Australia or working on a vineyard in NZ!